20+ Timeless Time Management Gems

Most of us learn time management the hard way – through trial and error, often working late nights to meet deadlines. Etienne Garbugli has put together some productivity gems he wishes he’d known when he was starting out into the presentation below. I feel that these are timeless because they apply to almost anyone […]

Codebases: Visualizing millions of lines of code

Did you ever wonder how many lines of code (LoC) were behind your web browser, iPhone app or Windows? Well here is a nice infographic that shows just how many lines of code many typical systems pack under the hood.

Click on the image below to view it at full size.

You can also see the […]

Superheroic Design?

A great talk by Aral Balkan where he illustrates how great design can make you feel like a superhero and poor or mediocre design choices lead to frustration. Design is all about solving problems and great design does that by making our interactions pleasant. Aral highlights the importance of outside-in design and why we […]

The Story of Stuff

This is a short and to-the-point animated video created by Annie Leonard and friends around 2007 that presents a critical vision of our modern day consumerist society. We live on a planet with finite resources that simply cannot sustain infinite growth. Annie does a great job of exposing the the connections between a huge […]

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