Building Management Systems


Building Management Systems (BMS) is computer-based monitoring and control system installed in large buildings that oversees the building’s mechanical, electrical equipment and security systems. This includes Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, energy, audio-visual (AV), fire systems, and access control and other systems.

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BMS Integrations


A Building Management Systems (BMS) can integrate with a variety of different systems. This is mostly dependent on the facility and ability to interface with the many of the dissimilar systems. We have identified and integrated with some of the pivotal systems that are at the core of a well integrated BMS and listed them here.

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Web Application Development


Web based applications (or web apps) are application software that run within the web browser. However, web apps are more than just websites – the browser allows your custom application to be run anywhere and at any time. This can empower your organisation to reduce licensing, deployment and distribution costs and work more efficiently.

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Custom Software Development


Many times it may be beneficial to develop a custom solution instead of modifying an existing software application to meet your needs. Other times, there may not be any readily available off-the-shelf solutions that may be suitable for your particular requirements. We strive to deliver a custom-built software solution that fulfil all your businesses requirements and, in turn, improve your operational processes.

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