Web Application Development

Web based applications (or web apps) are application software that run within the web browser. However, web apps are more than just websites – the browser allows your custom application to be run anywhere and at any time. This empowers your organisation to reduce licensing, deployment and distribution costs and work more efficiently.

We provide end-to-end web based Business and SCADA application solutions that span all the way from conceptualization through to development, hardware integration, and finally deployment. We can also integrate many of the typical Industrial and Building management components such as PLCs, HVAC, lighting, energy, access control, etc. within your web application to provide a seamless and common interface.

At interactive.io, we are comfortable with many of the leading open technologies in today’s web development arena. We are more than capable of engineering custom solutions that meet your organisational needs. Rather than being tied to one platform, our applications are developed using technologies that best fit your requirements – allowing your needs to dictate the technology stack. With over 10 years worth of experience and many web-based projects completed successfully, we’re confident that we can assist you launch your web application and help transform your business.